Assembled APOC Basic


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This product is now available at AeroSplice. Matt has developed a new unit at AeroSplice that includes a screen, accurate timing, and data logging capabilities. This product needs your support to become a reality—please check out the new Kickstarter campaign!

As seen on Kickstarter! This fully assembled handheld radiation detector can detect gamma particles and X-rays down to 50 k! A great tool to learn about radiation and to uncover potentially radioactive substances around your home! See technical details below for more information!

Technical Specifications
DIMENSIONS: approximately 2"  X  5.5" X 1" x 3/4"L

WEIGHT: 3.5 ounces (100 grams) with case and no battery & 1 oz (28 grams) without case and no battery

BATTERY LIFE: 100+ hours with a regular alkaline 9V battery

DETECTOR EFFICIENCY:: 5% with Cs-137 (660 KeV), 15% with Co-60 (1.1-1.2 MeV), 0.05% for Cd-109 (88KeV)

MAX COUNT RATE: 5,000 counts per second