APOC Basic Kit


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This product is now available at AeroSplice. Matt has developed a new unit at AeroSplice that can connect to the APOC Basic that provides a screen, accurate timing, and data logging capabilities. This product needs your support to become a reality—please check out the new Kickstarter campaign!

As seen on Kickstarter! This is the unassembled kit. The APOC is a handheld radiation detector that can detect gamma particles and X-rays down to 50 Kev! A great tool to learn about radiation and to uncover potentially radioactive substances around your home! This kit includes everything you need to build your very own APOC Mini Radiation Detector! Some tools for assembly required, see our instructions for details!

Technical Specifications
DIMENSIONS: approximately 2"  X  5.5" X 1" x 3/4"L

WEIGHT: 3.5 ounces (100 grams) with case and no battery & 1 oz (28 grams) without case and no battery

BATTERY LIFE: 100+ hours with a regular alkaline 9V battery

DETECTOR EFFICIENCY:: 5% with Cs-137 (660 KeV), 15% with Co-60 (1.1-1.2 MeV), 0.05% for Cd-109 (88KeV)

MAX COUNT RATE: 5,000 counts per second