APOC Basic PCBs Ordered! June 17 2013

Hello Backers and Fans!

So this past two weeks has been quite hectic as we're going full throttle with the Basic APOC board design. We ordered a test patch from our board manufacturer that arrived last week. Unfortunately that revealed a few bugs in the design. This weekend we've managed to iron out those kinks and have put in an order for a batch for 500 APOC Basic boards! These PCBs should arrive within the 7-8 days from now!

In the meantime, we will start bagging the parts for each APOC Basic Kit so that all that remains to do is to put the boards in the package and ship them off to you!

I guess this will also be a good time to update you guys on the APOC enclosure! We've finalized the design thanks to generous amounts of effort from our good friend Rich Harman. We've already ordered all the necessary acrylic sheets for those cases. Once we've confirmed that this latest batch of PCBs are what we expect, Rich will start cutting those enclosures like no tomorrow! Also, expect pictures to be coming for the enclosures on our Kickstarter updates!