APOC Design Update May 15 2013

Hello Backers!

So we've finalized the board design for the APOC Basic and I think you guys are going to be pleased with the results! The detection area on the Basic has been moved to the bottom of the detector instead of the front. This simplifies the APOC to only one PCB board instead of our previous two PCB board design.

Furthermore, we've made some changes that has made the APOC sensitive enough to detect Americium 241! For those of you who are not aware, Am-241 is an alpha & gamma emitter that is commonly found in consumer smoke detectors! This will allow everyone easy access to a gamma source!

Another interesting feature that will affect mostly APOC Advanced backers is that we have been able to configure the APOC so that it uses the on board micro-controller to process raw detection data and use it to identify certain gamma sources! A few sources that we've tried were Am-241, Cs-137, Ba-130 and a few others! Once the APOC is in your hands, this feature will greatly benefit from the combined knowledge and expertise from all you backers!

Stay tuned for more updates!