Bug Zapper Alpha Particle Detector June 19 2013

Hey Backers & Fans

So last night, Matt set up an interesting experiment to detect alpha particles. He modified an old bug zapper to have a spark gap and then held an am-241 button (salvaged from a smoke detector) over it. In theory, when the occasional alpha particle passes through the spark gap, it would bridge the gap and a spark would appear.

After a bit of testing, low and behold! Whenever the am-241 button was held over the gap, we would hear sparks! When the button was removed, the gap remained silent. We uploaded a video to our channel, check it out below!

Knife Party RTed Our Video! June 19 2013

Hello Fans and Backers!

So last night I stayed up till 5am to finish up the demo video we made for the ARC Plasma Speaker. After uploading the video to YouTube, I thought it wouldn't hurt to tweet the video to Knife Party since we played their song Internet Friends with it. To my surprise, they RTed it right away! I don't know about you guys, but I thought that was pretty awesome!

So yeah, that made it all worthwhile! Anyways, follow us on Twitter! We'll start tweeting our latest experiments and mischiefs!

Video Below!

APOC Basic PCBs Ordered! June 17 2013

Hello Backers and Fans!

So this past two weeks has been quite hectic as we're going full throttle with the Basic APOC board design. We ordered a test patch from our board manufacturer that arrived last week. Unfortunately that revealed a few bugs in the design. This weekend we've managed to iron out those kinks and have put in an order for a batch for 500 APOC Basic boards! These PCBs should arrive within the 7-8 days from now!

In the meantime, we will start bagging the parts for each APOC Basic Kit so that all that remains to do is to put the boards in the package and ship them off to you!

I guess this will also be a good time to update you guys on the APOC enclosure! We've finalized the design thanks to generous amounts of effort from our good friend Rich Harman. We've already ordered all the necessary acrylic sheets for those cases. Once we've confirmed that this latest batch of PCBs are what we expect, Rich will start cutting those enclosures like no tomorrow! Also, expect pictures to be coming for the enclosures on our Kickstarter updates!

APOC Design Update May 15 2013

Hello Backers!

So we've finalized the board design for the APOC Basic and I think you guys are going to be pleased with the results! The detection area on the Basic has been moved to the bottom of the detector instead of the front. This simplifies the APOC to only one PCB board instead of our previous two PCB board design.

Furthermore, we've made some changes that has made the APOC sensitive enough to detect Americium 241! For those of you who are not aware, Am-241 is an alpha & gamma emitter that is commonly found in consumer smoke detectors! This will allow everyone easy access to a gamma source!

Another interesting feature that will affect mostly APOC Advanced backers is that we have been able to configure the APOC so that it uses the on board micro-controller to process raw detection data and use it to identify certain gamma sources! A few sources that we've tried were Am-241, Cs-137, Ba-130 and a few others! Once the APOC is in your hands, this feature will greatly benefit from the combined knowledge and expertise from all you backers!

Stay tuned for more updates!

APOC Kits Progress April 22 2013

So after looking at the progress we were making on the APOC Mini Radiation Detector, we have decided to go ahead and get started on the production of the APOC Kits while we're finalizing the prototypes of the APOC Advanced and surface mount APOC Basic.

By doing it this way, we can get one tier of rewards out of the way and ready to ship as well as get the production lines flowing to prevent a bottleneck of production later on. We plan to order the bulk of the APOC Kit parts by the end of this week.

As for the rest of you APOC Backers, worry not! The Advanced and assembled Basic is coming along nicely, we have just placed an order from Mouser for parts to test surface mounting!

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

Website & Store Launch! April 03 2013

Hello ExcelPhysics Fans and Kickstarter Backers!

In the weeks leading up to the end of our Kickstarter campaign, we've spent a bit of time setting up a proper website and store for ExcelPhysics and the APOC. This way, we can keep you updated on our progress with the APOC as well as provide some insights into our future projects!

As for the store, we plan to stock some very useful and fun accessories for our Backers to purchase. While these accessories may not have been very useful as stand-alone rewards, we believe that they would provide great value to Backers that have already pledged to get an APOC.


We would like to note that the APOC Accessories in this store will be delivered along with your APOC Kickstarter rewards or around July if you did not back our Kickstarter. Some of the accessories such as the Confirmation Source Disk will only be availble to U.S. residents.


Once again, thank you all for your support and pledges! You have made this project a reality!

David & Matt