ARC Plasma Speaker Kit


Many of us own speakers. They're pretty useful devices, allowing you to hear sounds and music from computers, mp3 players, and other cool devices.

Most speakers use electromagnets to vibrate air to create the sound waves that you hear. The ARC Plasma Speaker creates sound waves by ionizing the air with a 30,000 volt electric arc. It's pretty awesome.

This kit includes everything you need to build a fully functional ARC Plasma Speaker! Just make sure you have a soldering iron and some wire clippers to put it together!

Check out our Kickstarter page for more details and videos:

Power input: AC100-240V (worldwide use)

Shipping: $10 - Domestic, $15 - Canada, $20 - Mexico, $30 - Worldwide

Assembly instructions can be found here:

Need help? Post a question to our subreddit!

DISCLAIMER: A Big Warning (AKA, Danger!)

Plasma speakers are dangerous. Never leave one unattended and only use them for short periods of time (ideally under 2 hours) in well-ventilated areas. Also, make sure that no bodily parts or conductive material go near the electric arc. Proceed with caution. If you aren't comfortable assembling the plasma speaker, find some help. ExcelPhysics cannot be held liable for any damages that occurs during assembly or use of this kit. You must be responsible for your own safety and well being.

Assembled ARC Plasma Speaker in Action!

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